I am always on the look out for new ways to engage the learners I work with. Each Semester we ask the students to reflect upon their Semester, detailing the highlights, favourite moments, things they found a challenge etc.  Traditionally we have written or drawn these reflections, more recently we completed mind maps and then short 1 minute highlights videos.

My newest reflection tool worked well today so I thought I’d share it. I’d be interested to know if anyone has suggestions on other tools they use that engage the students.

Once we had completed a big brainstorm of all the events, subjects and feelings associated with our Semester I asked the students to each write down 15 words that connected with them. Embracing new ideas I decided to ask the class to make a word art of their words. (wordart.com)

Below you can see some of their creations, it’s the most fun we have had with reflection for some time! Try it out and let me know what your students think!


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