How fast do we all go? Life is busier than ever, no wonder the children are tired, in fact the teachers are also tired at this time of year! A timely task to jump in and get involved with in your class is “Mindfulness”.

There are some amazing books around like Slow Down World by Tai Snaith which is a story my class explored earlier this week. We had the most fantastic hour…..slowing….down……

Tai’s book is a work of art in itself, definitely worth a read for those interested in Mindfulness. We explored the concept through a short focus on meditation and art.

The beautiful Meditation Stones pictured below were created by the children following our meditation. They visualised the colours and pictures and then drew and created their own stones. We discussed how their stones could be calming to hold, might be a special gift for someone or maybe they could use them to focus on slowing down when they are busy. However they choose to use them is up to them, but on the day the power of art and meditation shone through. I challenge you to try slowing down with your class sometime soon. (I would love to hear how it goes!)

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