The pace changed a little today.

The tower building teams spent some time unpacking what they think innovation and moonshot thinking is. Their goal was to design a poster for the maker space with their ideas. Now I don’t know about you but often when a class is asked to design posters there can be a low level of motivation for some.

Maybe it is the teamwork.

Maybe it is the idea of thinking big.

Maybe it is the moonshot terminology.

What ever it is we found all teams had a vested interest in making sure they understood the terms and could show their knowledge in a poster. Their interest maintained a very high level! I have included some photos of some of the posters in progress. Still a way further to go but WOW lots of great thinking, defining and brainstorming to come up with their posters for innovation and moonshot thinking. Can’t wait to see the finished ones!

Where to next?

Thinking about innovation and moonshot thinking while beginning work with teams is the current focus. Next we will move on to introducing the Nerdy Derby, our stem challenge for the term. More on this next time!


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