As a fulltime teacher and mum to three, life is busy and rewarding. Time can be scarce but enthusiasm and motivation aren’t a problem!¬†You see when I wear my educator hat I feel so passionate about doing right by the students who are gifted temporarily into my care. Partly this is my internal moral compass and high standards but mostly this is because I want those students in my care, to experience the thought and guidance that I love seeing my own children experience at the hands of passionate and committed educators.

Currently I teach in a open and flexible Grade 4 learning community. Alongside my classroom responsibilities I work with graduate teachers to support them through their first year of teaching and additionally work as part of a team developing the English curriculum in our school.

Outside of the classroom I am immersed in family life, raising three children and pursuing some of my personal individuality through Hip Hop dance and running. Finding a healthy balance ensures life is a constant adventure.

It is my hope that through publishing some of the learning adventures that happen in my small part of the world, I can connect with other like minded individuals as part of a global and passionate education community.


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