Launch in two days!

The Nerdy Derby introduction was met with a loud cheer from the 90 Grade Fours we learn (and teach) with. This week we finalised ideas on what we think innovation is and started our journey to First Launch Date.

First Launch date is Monday.  As teachers we have put ourselves through the design process and designed a car for the Nerdy Derby Launch. We’ve worked out our ideas on the brief that we would like the students to use, then built a car each. We have a wide range in order to spark thinking starting with the tissue box recycle car, the lego car, the marble and popsicle stick car and the car based on a peg. We really want our students to be creative so we want to demonstrate the process. It’s the first time our students have been directly involved in STEM and scaffolding them for success is important to us.

Using some of the online resource available we introduced what the Nerdy Derby is, the group had so many questions about getting started and their enthusiasm is already unstoppable. Monday will see the race track moved secretly into the class and the big reveal. The suspense is building, the scene is set and I am convinced the journey will be exhilarating.

I have included below a link to the Nerdy Derby Design Brief that we will be using with the students. The takeaway tip for me from this experience so far is that the time spent laying the plans for success, designing the process and going through  the process as teachers ensures we will be prepared and be able to understand the learning experience our students will be going through.

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